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I’m a full-stack web developer with a passion for cybersecurity and growth marketing. I’ve a varied technical background in development. I’ve been developing websites for years and have used a number of CMSs and frameworks for creating them. I now focus on WordPress and Laravel development.

My key areas of expertise include: WordPress/WooCommerce sites development, custom themes and plugins, APIs, support, QA, security. I pretty much do everything. 🙂 My LinkedIn: LinkedIn profile.

I’ve worked with some pretty cool companies, including Maksimer AS (WooExpert, a leading WooCommerce company in Scandinavia), WooThemes (the company behind WooCommerce), Incsub (WPMUDEV.org), , OnTheGoSystems (the company behind WPML), and some other.

In my free time, I enjoy sharing my knowledge, helping small businesses increase their online presence, traveling and taking photos.

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  1. Dominykas,

    I have a client that i am currently building a car parts based store for and they just basically asked me to utilize their parts suppliers api to populate the entire store, long story short I havent worked with the rest api nor woocommerce and I do mostly design and “work” with and manipulate code but anyways the following info is what this parts supplier is supplying via api or vice versa(allows input from a cart)

    Drop Shipments

    Looking for what I should set up on the current woocommerce install prior to attempting and would rather get some hands on guidance and pay for it if necessary. I appreciate the project and information you have supplied the community and I am looking to get this done reasonably quickly.

  2. Hello,

    I am not a developer, I would like to put products on my shop via a CSV file.

    I would like to automate the import of simple and variable products as well as the updating of stocks.

    The supplier gives CSV files, nothing else. A CVS file for products and a CSV file for stock.

    I read your tutorial on this page: http://dominykasgel.com/woocommerce-rest-api-import-products-json/

    That’s the objective I’m looking for. Do you have a paying solution of course to offer me?

    My website is under maintenance.


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