Change WooCommerce price and currency with a tiny plugin

I’ve tried many currency plugins for WooCommerce, but none of them worked well. Some of them were not compatible with coupons, WooCommerce Subscriptions or poorly coded, so I decided to write a tiny WordPress plugin to change the price and currency based on the billing country.

What it does?
1. If the billing country is not “DE” (Germany), then it gets the price from a custom field “regular_price_usd”, which is created by ACF plugin.
2. If the billing country is not “DE” (Germany), then it changes the currency to USD.
3. If currency is USD, disables TAX calculation.

Can be easily adopted to use more countries and currencies. You can also implement GeoIP and change prices by IP location or browser language on the fly.

Price in USD for WooCommmerce
Price in USD after changing the currency

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