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My name is Dominykas Gelucevičius and I’m a PHP developer. I’ve a varied technical background in development. I’ve been developing websites for years and have used a number of CMSs for creating them. I now focus on WordPress and Laravel development.

My key areas of expertise include: WordPress development, custom themes and plugins, support, QA, ecommerce, security. Yeah, so, I pretty much do everything. For more details see my LinkedIn profile.

I’ve worked with some pretty cool companies, including WooThemes (WooCommerce), WPMUDEV, Nettmaker AS, Synergy Technologies, and some other.

In my free time, I enjoy sharing my knowledge, helping small businesses increase their online presence, traveling and taking photos.

One thought on “About me”

  1. Dominykas,

    I have a client that i am currently building a car parts based store for and they just basically asked me to utilize their parts suppliers api to populate the entire store, long story short I havent worked with the rest api nor woocommerce and I do mostly design and “work” with and manipulate code but anyways the following info is what this parts supplier is supplying via api or vice versa(allows input from a cart)

    Drop Shipments

    Looking for what I should set up on the current woocommerce install prior to attempting and would rather get some hands on guidance and pay for it if necessary. I appreciate the project and information you have supplied the community and I am looking to get this done reasonably quickly.

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